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Ashley Jones


Ashley’s ultimate goal is to have full autonomy to capture and create beautiful images, while simultaneously contributing to the positive depiction of black people.

For as long as she can recall, Ashley Jones has had a camera in her hand, yet she did not initially view herself as a photographer. After her son came along, like most mothers, she wanted to capture the stages of his life. Time and time again, she found that the person that she hired to do that would miss the mark. She realized that she could actually shoot the pictures that she really desired. As her “eye” sharpened, what began as a family project quickly turned into an impactful business.


Ashley is a full-time Lifestyle photographer and mom. She specializes in capturing couples, families, maternity, and graduates. Ashley loves to create positive, vibrant images that celebrate black love, liberty, and success. She takes pride in giving her clients a customized experience that suits their photography needs and helps them accomplish their goals of being well-known and respected industry and community leaders. Her mission is to change the perception of black families and professionals by purposefully creating photos that represent pride, purpose, power, and most importantly, joy! 

Her professional experience includes 12 years of nonprofit foundation work, where she specialized in grant writing, campaign planning, communications, and operations. A woman of many gifts, she still offers various creative writing services on a consultancy basis.

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